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Welcome to Lopez Island!

Lopez Island is the first ferry stop of the San Juan Islands, an outdoor paradise in Washington State. Out of the major islands, Lopez is the flattest and most rural, and is about 30 square miles. The landscape varies from wooded forest to open farmlands and has a rocky coastline full of picturesque beaches. The island's rolling terrain and breathtaking scenery make it the ideal place to ride a bicycle.

The island is known as the friendly isle because of its friendly inhabitants and welcoming community. It is the local custom to wave at motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians, and visitors feel right at home. Cyclists will feel welcome on the roads and are respected by local drivers. This very authentic and heartfelt atmosphere helps make the island such a popular tourist destination!

When you arrive, slow down and take time to relax. Enjoy leisurely sightseeing and explore the pastoral beauty of the countryside. Relax while watching the wildlife on local beaches and enjoy the crown jewel of the northwest. There are many outstanding parks and attractions to visit, and miles of great biking routes in between!

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